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cleanliness keeps you safe.

Available in:
  • 100ml
  • 300ml
  • 500ml
  • 1ltr
  • 5ltr
  • 25ltr
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your limits.

Sourced from below the ground, where it is chilled and preserved by nature within impenetrable granite and dolomite rock. The calcium and magnesium composition is unsurpassed, truly a product of supreme quality and allowing you to go beyond your limits.

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The flavourful
breath freshener.

Awesome original flavoured breath freshener with that beloved addictive taste.

A taste of

Bringing the most exotic rice from around the world straight to your home. Our brand promise is giving you rice products that enhance every meal.

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The perfect
side dish.

An aromic long grain rice that goes perfectly with any meal. Our cooked rice is soft, white and fluffy! Just the way mom makes it. Rice has been on dinner tables for generations, so why not add it to your's?

For the love
of baking.

The homemakers choice 1960, Hulley and Rice believes that any time spent in a kitchen, should always be a labor of love. Our range includes Bicarb; Epsom Salts; Tartaric Acid, Cream of Tartar and our famous Baking Powder.

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A single tea spoon
per wash.

Yellowfern Premium Liquid easily removes tough grease leaving your dishes shining bright and residue free and it's gentle on your hands as well.

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Of Our Products.

Our Approach

Our doors and phones are always open, from our CEO to our lower Management. This has, over time built a tremendous relationship of mutual respect between ourselves and our customers.

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Our Philosophy

Throughout our growth, we have maintained the philosophy that “Nothing and nobody is too small.” We may be a major player, but we remain humble and family oriented.

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The sunnyfield group of companies
specialise in the packing & distribution of fmcg goods throughout Africa.

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