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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to know more about the products, how do I go about doing so?

You will find a summarized product catalogue and a fully detailed
product catalogue that you can download from our website. You can also call the sales team
through Head Office number and they will gladly assist you.

I would like to setup a meeting with someone to discuss
the products seen here, what is the procedure?

You can contact our Head Office Sales Team who can arrange
for a meeting with a Sales Representative closest to you.

Can I buy directly from any of the companies?

Yes, we also have Factory Shops that are open to the general public.

How do I go about buying in bulk from any of the companies within the group?

You may contact our sales team.

How can I open an account with any of the companies in the group?

Our Account application form is readily available online,
you need only fill it out and send it back to us along with the requisite documents.

Do I have to fill out a separate application form for each company I wish to buy from?

No, once registered with us, you may buy any of our products from any company within the group.

Where can I view the list of properties available for sale / enlist my property for sale?

You may contact the Property Department (Discern Investments) directly and speak to them about properties.

How do I contact a specific company in the group?

All companies within the group are directly linked and consolidated,
meaning you can call any branch, relating to any company, and they will forward your call to the relevant person or department.

Some of our brands